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Bathroom Fitting in Solihull

ceramics, nice showers, and comfortable lights enhance your experience of a bathroom. When everything is installed meticulously, you can carry out all activities with peace of mind and relax your body.

Ensuring enjoyable experiences for its clients, Apple Solutions provides the best-quality bathroom fitting services. From fixtures and plumbing works to flooring and wall cladding, we handle everyting. Get in touch with us and enjoy well-accomplished bathrooms through our dedicated bathroom installation services in Solihull.

Bathroom Installations in Solihull Building & Refurbishment Contractor

Revitalise Your Bath

Stylish Look: Modern fittings of sanitary, glass, and wood enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom and make it look stylish and attractive for users.

Added Value: A well-maintained bathroom is a smart investment that makes it appealing to customers, adds more monetary value to your home, and ultimately gets you more revenue if you sell it.

Enhanced Experience: Having your bathroom fixtures in pristine condition ensures a better user experience and gives you more comfort.

Better Maintenance: Modern bathroom fittings are easy to clean, eliminate the hassle of maintenance, and save you quality time.

Cost-Savings: The latest bathroom accessories are energy-efficient and, therefore, consume less energy, saving your billing costs.

Providing All Solutions in One Place

Our services cover all bathroom solutions required in Solihull. Some of our high-level services include:


At Apple Solutions, we facilitate our customers with various floor solutions such as cermaic tiles, lino and vinyl. The vinyl and laminate could be affordable as compared to ceramics. You can choose your best option by thoroughly calculating your requirements and budget.


Painting is considered a cost-efficient solution if you are trying to refresh the looks of your bathroom. It can also assist in increasing the market value of your house if the paint is up to date with the latest trends. Our professionals are experienced enough to paint your bathroom by keeping the current trends in mind.


When bathing in a tub and seeing a cracked ceiling irritates you, remember that our specialists are always available at your fingertips. We can facilitate a variety of ceiling options, such as fibreglass, tiles, timber or PVC cladding, and painting.


If you are trying to move away from traditional ways of waterproofing your bathroom, such as ceramic tiles, cladding should be on your priority list. We can assist in shaping your bathroom with cladding using materials such as laminate, PVC and acrylic. PVC is considered a cost-efficient option as compared to other variants.

Repairing sanitary equipment:

Our contractors are equipped with extensive experience in repairing and replacing sanitary equipment in bathrooms, such as clogged sinks, urinals, tubs and toilets. We can also facilitate the option of replacing showers and other faucets.

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Ensuring Quality and Convenience

Apple Solutions complies with all the standards to deliver premium services:

  • We are a one-stop solution for all your bathroom installations in Solihull.
  • We house experienced and dedicated professionals to execute your bathroom fitting perfectly.
  • We are well-equipped and implement the smart approaches to come up with a well-designed project.
  • We offer customised services to plan, design and finish your project as per your taste.
  • We have affordable costs, helping you benefit from our quality services without burdening your budget.

Free Surveys | Perfect Accomplishments

Our company believes in perfection, which is ensured by effective planning and careful implementation. For this purpose, we conduct free site surveys, assess your requirements, take measurements and devise a feasible plan to get what you expect. Get out-class bathrooms through our premium bathroom fitting services in Solihull.

Bathroom Installations in Solihull Building & Refurbishment Contractor


The cost for fitting a new bathroom varies depending on the area of your bathroom, the types and designs of the fixtures and fittings, other amenities, and the job’s complexity. For a general estimate, you can expect to pay around £7000. Consult with our specialists for a more precise estimate.

On average, it takes 7-10 days to renovate your bathroom. However, the time may vary depending on the nature of the job.

New bathroom installations come with a range of benefits:

  • Give you a relaxing experience.
  • Add value to your bathroom and home.
  • Give a touch of style and elegance to your bath.