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Property Refurbishments

Property Refurbishments Building & Refurbishment Contractor
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Choosing the Right Company for Your Property Refurbishment and Renovation Needs

Finding the right company for property solutions in Birmingham can be complicated; you want a team that will be highly efficient, reliable, and feasible while still completing the work to the best possible level. Apple Solutions Ltd can assist you if you are a house owner, or a property investor wishing to embark on a property refurbishment or renovation solution in Birmingham.

Property Refurbishments Building & Refurbishment Contractor

Stress-Free Property Refurbishments in Birmingham with Apple Solutions' expertise.

Apple Solutions can supply its customers with high-quality property refurbishments in Birmingham because we recognize that any refurbishment or renovation projects can be stressful, so we work hard to make the entire process as effortless and painless as possible for all our clients, no matter how big or small the task is.

Revive Your Investment with Property Refurbishments in Birmingham - We Handle Everything!

There is no more excellent long-term investment than property, and reviving an existing home is frequently a better alternative than moving out whilst adding more value to your investment. Among the most intriguing construction projects are Property refurbishments in Birmingham.

We can handle everything from the earliest designs, and planning, through to project completion all your need to do is move your furniture in.

Property Refurbishments Building & Refurbishment Contractor
Property Refurbishments Building & Refurbishment Contractor
Property Refurbishments Building & Refurbishment Contractor

Expert Property Refurbishments with Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

Because of our 30 years of property refurbishments and renovations experience, we are incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and prepared to deliver the results you desire on time and within budget.

Furthermore, we are devoted to ensuring that all our clients are 100% happy so we rely on their feedback that’s why we ask our clients to complete a small satisfaction survey once we have completed their project. Don’t believe just how good we are, why not see it for yourself just click the link below to a full Property Refurbishment in Birmingham and check out our previous customer satisfaction survey, testimonials and complete video case study of the project.

We cover the full property refurbishment package, which include the below.

About Us

Apple Solutions Refurbishments Birmingham.

Let our professionals handle your property refurbishment project. We will know precisely, what is required to complete your project, whether it is a full property refurbishment or just a small property renovation, after conducting a survey and discussing your property Refurbishment needs in Birmingham we will contact you and provide you with a final project quotation and In addition a full project schedule of works to assist our team in completing the refurbishment project with as little complications as possible.

Look no further if you are in need of a property refurbishment company in Birmingham that is devoted. at Apple Solutions Ltd we take the utmost care of our customer’s needs and requirements we strive for 100% satisfying results, if you have any questions or would like to book a free no-obligation survey, get in touch with us today, and one of our property refurbishment professionals will be happy to help.

To find out more about how we can help you, please call us for a friendly chat on 0121 285-8586 or alternatively, send us your inquiry online and we’ll get back to you soon.

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We serve at all locations for property refurbishment in Birmingham, so give us a call if you’re looking for a part-property renovation or entire property solutions in Birmingham.

Client Reviews

What Our Previous Clients have to say about us ?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are proud to have received numerous positive reviews and feedback from our clients and customers.

Khizer Bin-Younos
Khizer Bin-Younos
Kerry Foods Ltd
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After deciding we needed our existing laboratory refurbishing and bringing up to modernization, I came across Apple Solutions web site once I had looked through the type of work they did I contacted them and organised a site survey. After a few initial meeting with John and he’s team I realized they would beable to complete the refurbishment to our requirements, more importantly they could give us a complete service from design to completion, including all full written schedules, and specifications. Once John’s team started work everything went smoothly, with a safe and professional manor and, most importantly, without any hassle or major disruption. Most of all he was very helpful I can honestly say John and he’s team gave us 100% commitment to finishing the project to a high quality standard, just as he promised. Now our laboratory refurbishment has been completed we have placed other projects with Apple Solutions , Smoking Shelter,Vinly Floors, factory finished fire check mahogany doors, and powder coated steel hygiene doors which are being fitted around our Burton on Trent site.
Ms T. Mimnagh
Ms T. MimnaghPershore Rd, Birmingham
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Ms.T. Mimnagh, Contacted us as she was looking for a company that specialised in property refurbishment and who could take on the full project from design to completion. We then organised a meeting with the client to discuss and agree costs, schedules, and programme completion time. Shortly after we started the project, our first task was to disconnect all electrics and water feeds so as we could begin the strip out. All existing carpets, doors, frames, skirting boards, wall plaster, and bathroom suite were removed. We then suggested to the client that opening up the existing Victorian period fire places would look fantastic and in character with the rest of the property as it was built in 1902. Nine skips later we were left with a bear shell now the rebuild could begin! The first job was to complete all first fix electrical works so as the plastering could be started, some of the existing ceilings had to be taken down and were reinforced, and made level by fitting additional timber support beams with in the loft space. “John-Paul and the team were a pleasure to work with. My family home has been transformed, and it is now beautiful”
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson
Ricochet Ltd – Channel 5 Cowboy Builders
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With the ‘reveal date’ only a few days away, we knew we needed to get the roof on and sealed in so as the works inside the property could be started and not held up. However, redesigning the roof and getting the timber roof trusses made and delivered to site was proving difficult in the time span we had. As a result we decided to speak with one or two other building contractors and that’s when we came across Apple Solutions. After the first initial site meeting with John his team and the local building inspector, it was clear that John would be able to advise us on the design which would give the correct pitch needed, and most of all, rebuild the roof in the time scale we had. Once John’s team started work everything went quickly, smoothly and most importantly, without any hassle or major disruption. Now the roof is finished it’s the right pitch and it complies with local authority planning approval. The revealing was on time and the owner of the property was truly happy. We couldn’t have been happier with the level of service and the quality of workmanship John and his team have done for us and we will be more than happy to use John on future projects.
Mr & Mrs Craig
Mr & Mrs CraigBoldmere Rd, Sutton Colfield
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Mr and Mrs Craig contacted us after seeing our details in the local publication as they were looking for a building contractor to build them a kitchen extension. After our first initial meeting with Mr Craig to understand his requirements we then produced a full written schedule of works for him. A few weeks later a secondary meeting was arranged with Mr. Craig so we could go through the quote, schedule, and everything it entailed thus helping him make a firm decision. Mr Craig called us a few days later to explain he had made a decision and it was to give the other company the project as they had (in his words) “sold him a dream” I explained to Mr Craig that obviously we were disappointed and that if he had any problems or needed some advice to give me a call. 6 months after the build had started I received a call from Mr. Craig explaining that he had made a mistake and that although he had been sold a dream it had turned out to be a nightmare and that he needed our help. Apple Solutions originally bid for the project but the COWBOY Builder was more persuasive. The cowboy builder sold me a dream but delivered a nightmare, like the cavalry Apple Solutions rode to the rescue and put everything right the quality of their workmanship and the service John-Paul gave us was first class. I must say John-Paul has restored our faith in builders I would recommend him to anyone… Thanks John-Paul we are so happy with the finish.
Kevin Green
Kevin Green
Kuehne + Nagel Ltd
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With the company employing more staff, we knew we needed a bigger canteen area, so we looked into having one built and after speaking with one or two building and refurbishment contractors we came across Apple Solutions. After a few initial meeting with John and he’s team we realised that John would be able to give us a complete service from having the drawing designed to dealing with the local authorities building inspector, this would leave me free to concentrate on other issues. Once John’s team started work everything went smoothly, with a safe and professional manor and, most importantly, without any hassle or major disruption. Most of all he dealt with everything from design to completion. Now our canteen is finished it not only looks great but also gives us exactly the space we needed for the new employee’s. We couldn’t have been happier with what John and his team have done for us, and we will definitely be asking him to look at future projects for us.
Mr C. Stevenson
Mr C. StevensonLeonard Cheshire Disability
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Leonard Cheshire was relocating there offices as they needed more space in the office, but moving from the one office to the other needed to be done efficiently and smoothly as possible. After a meeting with John and he’s surveyor to discuss time frames and the schedule of works, I decided to use John for the job as he had already completed numerous contracts on other Leonard Cheshire sites around the country, to a high standard. Once John’s team started work everything went quickly, smoothly and most importantly, without any hassle or major disruption, I will look forward to placing more order with John and completing more contracts in the near future.
Projects manager
Projects manager
Mansell Construction Service Ltd
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After a first initial meeting with John and he’s management team he advised us that they would be able to complete the works on time and in budget and to a high standard, having used John in the past on three other contracts, we were convinced he would complete the work and not let us down. Once John’s team started work everything went quickly, smoothly and most importantly, without any hassle or major disruption, most of all on time. Now the property has been completed to a high standard, and has been handed over to the client on time, we can safely say we would be using John and he’s team again in the near future.
David Courts
David CourtsCalthorpe Academy
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John –Paul and his team worked efficiently throughout the entire project, the works completed were at a very high standard and that the results speak for themselves. John-Paul was in constant communication throughout the project leaving nothing to chance and only expecting the highest standards from his employees nothing but the best will do! I will no hesitation in contacting Apple Solutions Ltd with further works that are planned in the coming months as they will guarantee both VFM and the highest standards of works ensuring the project will also be completed within the allocated time.
Mr Bhogal
Mr BhogalGordon Rd Harborne Birmingham
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Mr P.Bhogal contacted us after looking through our web site as he was looking for a building contractor to refurbish a property he had purchased and that needed a full service from design to completion as he’s time was limited due to other commitments. After our first initial meeting with Mr Bhogal we produced a full schedule of works. Once Mr Bhogal and ourselves had discussed the schedule and what exactly we would be doing for him he then confirmed he would like us to complete the project for him. When I first spoke to John-Paul on the phone I knew I could trust him. He came and viewed my property and went through it with great detail and a very caring attitude, I accepted his quote and handed him the keys to the property I never went back unless he wanted me there! I just left him to do the project because to me he is a trustworthy person! John-Paul, thank you so much for everything you have done for me!
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