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Why Choose Us?

Discover the 10 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Apple Solutions Ltd For All Your Commercial Refurbishment and Residential Building Needs

1. Exceptional Standards

There are many times in life where compromise can be good, but when it comes to building work, we believe you should have nothing short of the perfect solution for your needs. That’s why we only accept exceptional standards when it comes to the work we carry out for you, from point of survey right through to project completion, ensuring you get all the advice you need, and a finished project that exceeds your expectations, which you can enjoy for years to come.

2. A Complete Service

Whatever needs you have, be it a large commercial refurbishment project or a minor residential alteration, you’ll find that we are able to provide you with a complete range of services, which means that from start to finish, we can take care of it all, from planning, architectural design through to completion saving you time and removing the hassle.

3. Attention to Detail

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering that your building project has been let down by small details that were missed along the way. We understand this, which is why we are meticulous in our planning and overall attention to detail, ensuring you only ever get a completed project that is perfect, even down to the very last detail.

4. Fast Response

Once you’ve decided upon a commercial or residential building & refurbishment project, you’ll want to get moving as soon as possible. However, with some builders that’s not always as easy as it sounds. That’s why, at Apple Solutions, you’ll find we react really quickly to meet with you, discuss your requirements and then prepare a proposal helping you ‘kick-start’ your project without delay.

5. We Listen Carefully

When it comes to providing you with exactly what you need, there are only two key things we do to start with. Firstly, we ask you a lot of questions about what your needs are, what your preferences are, and what you’re looking to achieve. Secondly, we listen. Really carefully. Only then are we in a position to make recommendations, tailored to provide you with a perfect solution.

6. Honest Advice & Guidance

Whenever you work with us, you’ll only ever get the most accurate, and very honest, advice and guidance on what is best for you needs, and not what’s best for our profits. That also means we won’t make promises that we can’t keep, we won’t go cutting corners and we won’t go adding on extra costs here and there once we’ve started your project.

7. Experienced Tradesmen

Sadly, there are many horror stories about ‘cowboy’ builders carrying out cheap building work that ends up being of a very poor standard. In the vast majority of cases, this is down to them employing unqualified tradesmen, which is exactly why we only ever select the most qualified and experienced building professionals, ensuring you get only the very highest standards of workmanship.

8. Minimal Disruption

Having work done in your home or your business can be really disruptive and messy. That’s why you’ll find we go out of our way to minimize the noise, mess, and overall disruption we cause. From carefully protecting carpets furnishings, drives ways, and anywhere they may be in danger of damage from building works, to tidying up the site at the end of each day ready for a new day, and removing all the debris when the project is complete and before handover, we do whatever it takes to keep the disruption to the absolute minimum.

9. Pride and Passion

We have a real passion for what we do and we take pride in providing all our clients with a completed project that they’re absolutely delighted with. Above all else, when you work with us you will find that we truly go the extra mile to make sure that you are delighted with the work we do for you.

10. Guarantee

Our dedication to providing nothing less than the very best is your guarantee that you’ll only ever get the very best building work, carried out by conscientious professionals, to a standard that will exceed your expectations. That means, that if you’re anything less than truly delighted with what we’ve done for you, we guarantee to do whatever we can to put things right as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, whether your building project is commercial or residential call us now on 0121 285 8586 to find out more and to discuss your requirements, or send us your inquiry online.

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