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Starting from the Ground Up

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Starting up a new company can be a stressful process. You’ve got a lot on your plate with employees, cash flow, new business and then you have to consider where you are going to locate your company and in what venue.

Let Apple Solutions take some of that stress away with our commercial office services.

Firstly you need to decide which services you require and incorporate your budget into that decision. Two of our services that may be applicable for you include:

Office Refurbishment

You’ve found the perfect location, environment and office space for your business. The only thing holding you back is its design and layout. With Apple Solutions we can truly make your office space represent your company to your detailed requirements.

It’s vital that you consider how you want your office to run in any refurbishment plans. Consider your business vision when discussing your plan with us. Ideally an office should encourage interaction, stimulate a creative, productive output, attract staff and last but not least sit with your existing staff.

You also need to consider the image your business emits to prospective and existing clients. Your company can win or lose business because of the office image that is presented. Remember first impressions always count and this is vitally important in accordance with office design.

Businesses such as Google have innovative offices to boost the creative output of their employees whereas other businesses will have a strictly professional office space to exemplify the manner in which they want their employees to abide to.

When considering the layout, you should always pay attention to how you choose to represent hierarchy within the company.

Do you want a less experienced staff member sitting next to a director or do you want senior members of the company to have their own office?

Both have great logic behind them. Mixing senior members of staff with less experienced employees will present a good example of how to work; whist positioning senior staff separately will represent hierarchy and a progression route for current employees.

If this sounds like a headache in advance let Apple Solutions take the reins. We can help you adjust the layout to match your requirements and needs. If you need to change the colour of office walls because they either distract or de motivate employees we can discuss colours which will not only set the right image but will also keep your team ‘’in the zone.” Additionally we can provide qualified tradesmen who can help you implement partition walls, or separate office spaces to increase productivity and work flow, where necessary.

Starting from the Ground Up Building & Refurbishment Contractor (Source:

Moving the office around?

Don’t let wires become trip hazards; let our team come in to install the correct electrical needs for your plan. If you’re going from a closed environment, we can take walls down and finish the areas for a neater professional look.


Planning a new office in a certain location? We can help you build your own commercial premises from the first building blocks all the way through to the final ones.

Starting from the Ground Up Building & Refurbishment Contractor (Source:

A lot of aspects need to be considered when constructing an office, initially close consideration needs to be paid to rule and regulations which can often mean you won’t be able to lay a brick until you’ve discussed your plans with the local council and requested planning permission.

It’s important that you already have your designs for the building set in stone. You will need to consider the size of the structure as well as the external appearance of the building. With our comprehensive architectural service we can help you construct a plan to submit to your local authority.

To request planning permission you will need to inform your local planning authority (LPA) who will look at your project, in particular they will look at the size, layout and external appearance of the buildings. After they’ve looked at the building plan they will look at if there is an actual infrastructure for the office such as roads and water supply. They will also ask what your intentions with the development are and if the build will affect its surrounding environment, you can get declined if your business will generate excessive traffic and noise.

Once you’ve been granted permission to build its time to choose who you actually want to build the property. In such a competitive market which is riddled with cowboy builders it’s important you can find someone who you trust and who can stick to and deliver your plans to the exact. We believe in only providing the most qualified, skilled and experienced tradesmen and will discuss each aspect thoroughly with you before plans or construction is undertaken.

Once the building has had its foundations set it’s also important how the layout of your building will look. You can either opt for stud or brick based walls, similar to writing with a pen or pencil, one has the ability to be changed, the other doesn’t.

Now you need prepare the office ready to be designed and to be occupied by your employees. An office may be ready and built buts it’s important that it’s managed to run effectively and within employment law, keeping your business warm, well light and safe will keep you in check and your employees happy. Remember positioning of clear fire exits and adhere to the strict health and safety guidelines. This is something that we can assist being a member of numerous trade organisations and working to strict health and safety guidelines ourselves.

If any of the above sounds like a pain in the neck let Apple Solutions assist. We can supply everything from building maintenance once your build is completed right through to, building consultancy for maximum safety. We cater our services to be as hands on as you require.

Starting from the Ground Up Building & Refurbishment Contractor

Contact our helpful and knowledgeable team today who with their experience will make the process simpler and smoother from start to finish.

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