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Kitchen: extension or re-fit?


A kitchen renovation can be the perfect occasion to explore different designs, decorative ideas, and furnishing and appliance opportunities while giving the opportunity to extend the worth of your home.

However the stresses of the actual fit, budget or management of the project can take the enjoyment out.

Remodelling or extending a kitchen can require plenty of planning, particularly if you are looking to add value to or modernise your existing living spaces, from sending in a planning application to your local authority through to picking the right appliances. Here is where Apple Solutions can take out the stresses to offer you a seamless kitchen renovation project.

Whether you want to complete a kitchen re-fit or extend your existing kitchen space to incorporate an extra dining area or worktops, we can advise while providing the necessary materials and labour to assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

With any refurbishment you need to consider many factors before you begin. Here’s our comprehensive guide including how we can help you to complete your job on time, on budget and to the highest quality of standards.


Possibly one of the most crucial factors to consider before you embark on your renovation. If you want to extend your existing kitchen space then you will want to factor in expenses for planning applications, surveys and building materials just as you will when refitting your entire kitchen from worktops through to cupboards.

Many opt for a spreadsheet or list of expenses as they go along, but these can be problematic when it comes to unexpected costs which can often occur with an extension. At Apple Solutions, you can provide us with details of your full budget and we will advise you in specific areas of your renovation from how much you can expect to pay for an application for planning right through to estimations for electricians, plumbers and labourers, we will even factor in unexpected costs that could occur to ensure that there are no surprises along the way.

By advising you on these aspects – we take the boring bits away to ensure that you have fun picking out the furnishings, colours and decor of your room.

Space and layout

If you’re planning an extension then planning where you will be placing resources will be key to deciding how far out you want to extend. Pay attention to your existing outdoor space and how much is likely to be lost as a result of your extension – can you afford to lose this and will your extra build affect light?

It is also worth paying attention to what you use your kitchen for, cooking or entertaining, how many people are likely to be using the spaces and what kind of lifestyle the people in your home live?

Many homeowners opt to produce an initial drawing or sketch which will factor in the shape and aspects of the intended room then decide how many storage solutions they will require in addition to appliances.

It is important to note that we not only manage the building but can also manage your plans and provide experienced specialists who will produce and advise on clear floor plans and accurate measurements for what the initial phases of your renovation, extension or re-fit are likely to look like so that you can accurately make accommodations for the right amount of cupboards, drawers and islands should you opt for one.

Research and planning

One of the main things to conduct is research. Most homeowners who are planning an overhaul choose a colour scheme, looking into different materials or even manufacturers’ appliances opt to flick through interior design and home magazines. Perhaps create a pin board of ideas for your kitchen whether a notice board or virtual one via pinterest.

This way you will also be able to estimate the scope of work required and then consult your budget.

If you are going ahead with an extension you will need to pursue further research involving the area, natural light, neighbours and decipher whether you are likely to need to submit a planning application to your local authority.

According to planning regulations, extensions for kitchens do not always require a planning application so long as they comply with certain conditions.

Our complete residential management service can advise you on whether you will require one and also direct you to methods of avoiding unnecessary costs while making sure you pay close consideration to windows, roof styles and brickwork.


Once you have decided on the colour scheme and materials that you require you will want to decide which bits go where. This often requires schematic design, whether you want to enlist the help of an interior designer or purse this project yourself is entirely your choice. Some designers can produce a 3D visual space from working drawings to enable you to see how functional your chosen designs are likely to be. This can save both time and money.

With our comprehensive project management system we will ensure that you are able to see the practicality of your designs and will advise you on any difficulties that may be encountered with fitting or building to ensure that the process runs as seamlessly as possible.


Think of your kitchen as an extension of your living space which needs to be uncluttered and kept clean which is why you will want to ensure that you pick tidy appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and extractors which can be tucked away neatly.

While certain makes of freestanding cookers and fridge-freezers can add character to your kitchen they often affect budget.

Your choice of appliances will also make a difference to your positioning of electrical sockets and your plumbing pipe work – while this can seem a scary prospect for anyone undertaking their own project, we can take away this stress, making it easier for you to choose a fitted dishwasher or washing machine without having to consider the hidden essentials.

We have an experienced network of skilled workman who specialise in everything from plumbing and joinery through to electrics who will advise us further.


Embarking on a kitchen extension can be a big undertaking if you don’t have experts on hand to advise or undertake the work and in consideration of the money you are likely to be spending you will want to ensure a superior finish.

If you don’t already have a licensed contractor on your project this is more than likely the next step to take and you will want someone that can see the project through until the end. Getting estimates can be a tiresome and tedious undertaking but you will not only want the best quote but the best job.

Undertake a walk-through of your designs from start to finish even if it is a simple re-fit, problems can occur and you will want to ensure that this is less likely by making sure your contractor has the full knowledge to do the job.

Trust and reputation also must be considered as you will want to rest assured that the Company or contractors you choose have the skill and experience to see the job through until the end.

We can take away these worries by providing you with a full list of quotes from plasterers and designers through to joiners and kitchen fitters so that you not only get the best price but the kitchen of your dreams.

Our years of experience at Apple Solutions enable us to provide advice and services which are unrivalled ensuring that our customers are knowledgeable every step of the process.

Our refurbishment services cover all aspects of home extensions or remodelling meaning we can take complete control leaving you to place your focus on the more important bits.

If you are looking for home extensions or building services in Birmingham and surrounding areas we can help you. Read our case studies and contact us today!

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