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Dining Room Floor Replacement for LCD

Renovating Floor Structure for Improved Accessibility in Dining Room

Firstly we had to strip the whole floor area 205ms of hardwood parquet flooring, once we had taken it all up we could then start to take up the timber structure which was at least 100 years old, starting with the existing floor boards, and then the timber joists which were only 3 inch X 2 inch in section,

so they wouldn’t of taken the weight of power chairs that some service uses were using for much longer.

Once the whole floor was taken up we began removing all of the rubble and debris within the floor void. We could then start to build the new timber structure by fitting bigger section joist and spanning them onto the supporting wall, we also formed two accessible traps in the floor so as to give access to any services.

We then fitted the under floor insulation, and overlaid the whole floor with a ply board covering screwed at 200mm centre’s this would give the structural strength need to take the weight of power chairs etc.

After the floor was completed we fitted a small length of worktop along with a sink, and the base unit for storage of cutlery.

With MDF 175mm skirting board was fitted to the perimeter of the dining room, which was painted at a later date.

The last thing to go down was the FX wood effect poly safe none slip vinyl floor, which really made a differences.

Gwen Webster care home manager told us that

Our dining room floor had become a safety hazard as the hardwood parquet floor had started lifting, and we needed the hole floor replacing as soon as possible”After a meeting with John and he’s surveyor to discuss time frames and what we needed to do to put the floor right and make it safe again, I decided to use John for the job as he had already completed a 12 week contract renewing our fire doors, for our annual fire risk assessment.

Once John’s team started work everything went quickly, smoothly and most importantly, without any hassle or major disruption, we will look forward to using John again for future work at our home.

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Dining Room Floor Replacement for LCD Building & Refurbishment ContractorDining Room Floor Replacement for LCD Building & Refurbishment Contractor


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